Farewell to Farley

As we look to our 2020 racing season we asked one of our previous riders, Farley Barber to write a few words about his progression over the last few years, here is what he has to say...

"Hi everyone,

I’ve been asked to do a blog post about my progression over the last few years & how pro vision have supported & developed me as a rider on and off the bike.

I have been riding for pro vision for around 3-4 years. Throughout my time at pro vision, I received a great deal of support, which has helped me get to where I am.

For 2020 I will be riding for the domestic UK team Spirit Tifosi.

Pro Vision has helped me in many ways. A big factor is down to all of the people involved with the club, from the race team boys, to the managers and all the club members who come along on the weekend rides, they all help to create a great environment and a good team spirit. Everybody looks out for each other and supports one another which really helps to motivate you and keeps morale high. It makes you look forward to the rides with everyone and train hard.

Two people who I’d like to specifically mention is Ben & Steve Joughin. I’ve always felt like they took me under their wing and looked out for me, and I’ll always be grateful of all the things they’ve done for me. Steve taught me so many things through his racing experiences, which has massively improved my racing brain. I always love to hear the many stories he has from his racing days. Ben does a lot for the team and without him I don’t think the club would be half as strong as it is. He motivates everyone and much like his dad, he has mentored me throughout the years on and off the bike and is a great training partner.

Pro vision has also given me lots of amazing opportunities such as racing in Ireland, racing a round in the tour series, racing the junior national series, and the team training camps in Portugal as well as many more. These experiences have definitely made me a better rider and improved my racing brain. What I love about all of these experiences is that, yes it does improve you as a bike rider, but also it’s a good crack with everyone off the bike, nobody takes it too seriously which creates a great environment and takes the stress of racing away.

I think Pro vision have played a massive part in the first step of my cycling career and I’m very grateful. I hope to continue to progress over the next few years with my new team.

I strongly recommend to anyone to join the club, there’s always things going on and it’s a great bunch of people, I have met some of my best mates through Pro Vision and will continue to support the club."

Farley Barber, Spirit Tifosi

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