View from the Back - (DS) Simon Bradeley

It feels like the off season has been very short but then again, I say that every year. Following on from a great 2019 myself, Ben and Duncan have been busy planning and prepping for the new 2020 season. 2019 was our first year with a lady’s team and it was nothing short then fantastic, so 2020 we have added to the riders, bringing in Olivia Fawcett who was previously with BoomPods, we are confident this gives us a very strong group of ladies.

From the men’s side we have passed on our young rider Farley Barber to Spirit Tifosi which is a massive compliment. We are continuously on the lookout for local young talent to guide through racing with some of our more senior riders in the hope they achieve big things and get snapped up by a bigger team. Don’t get me wrong our ai mis to be riding and compete with these big teams but we want to continue with the organic growth and try and maintain the squad as locally as possible.

So, it’s been busy with the squad buts it’s also been busy with some new sponsors and hardware providers, keep your eyes open for the new helmets in 2020. We have kept our deals with Secret training for the nutrition along with Conti on the tyres. More names and sponsors will be announced via the usual social channels.

We have also changed our pre-season this year opting for Majorca instead of Portugal which has been our camp for the last 5 years, however as usual the group of lads and ladies will be at the start line for the Eddie Soens 2020 which has been saved from extinction by Middleton Cycling club. Much thanks and respect has to go out to those guys. Its tough building a team and maintaining a club but it appears its harder to keep great races going.

Following Soens it’s a mixed back of races but ensuring we keep the lads racing together as much as possible for 2020. We have pencilled in the usual West Mids series, South Staffs league and for good measure 3 premier calendar races for both squads.

Keep an eye out for our videos, posts and updates from the team car in 2020 and no doubt the infamous Duncan Parsonage will be making some video appearances and maybe just maybe some team appearances throughout this season.

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